About Popcorn Zone

At Popcorn Zone we believe that popcorn must be made fresh and delicious. That has been our way here since our family opened our doors in 2005. Our product is not mass produced but made with the finest ingredients, by our chefs, right here in the USA. When you order our popcorn, you know that its made, by hand, by real people, in small batches, freshly popped and packaged.

Popcorn Zone ships products all over the world. We have done business with many fortune 500 companies, popcorn loving people and small mom and pop businesses all over the US. Our company has even supplied Red, White and Blue popcorn to the White House for 3 different Presidential Inaugurations (Both Democrat and Republican White Houses)

Our staff is prepared to meet your needs with special packaging, your logo on our packaging and/or custom flavors. We do things the right way each and every batch. If it's not done right, its not done at all. 



Popcorn Zone is certified Kosher by Sunshine State Kosher.  You can find them as an approved certification on OU website.