Popcorn Flavors offered by Popcorn Zone

Popcorn Zone is happy to pop the following flavors year round:



green apple popcorn Green Apple
Sea Salt Caramel Orange popcorn Orange
coming soon Caramel Cheddar Strawberry Popcorn Strawberry
Chicago Style Popcorn Chicago Style Rainbow Confetti Rainbow Confetti
coming soon
Kettle Corn sour patch popcorn Sour Patch
coming soon
Cinnamon Toast Original Plain Popcorn Original Plain
New England Popcorn New England Maple Original With Salt Popcorn Original with Salt
Cookies & Cream Popcorn Cookies & Cream Original with Salt & Butter Popcorn Original with Salt & Butter
banana popcorn Banana Wisconsin Dark Cheddar Popcorn Wisconsin Dark Cheddar
Blue Raspberry Popcorn Blue Raspberry White Cheddar Popcorn White Cheddar
Blueberry Popcorn Blueberry
coming soon
Jalapeno Cheddar
Black Cherry Popcorn Black Cherry Buffalo Cheddar Popcorn Buffalo Cheddar
Cherry Cherry
coming soon
Buffalo Blue Cheese
Cotton Candy Popcorn Cotton Candy
coming soon
Sriracha Lime Cheddar
Grape Popcorn Grape
coming soon
White Cheddar with Cracked Pepper


These flavors are popped seasonally, check with us for availability: 

 Root Beer lemon head popcorn Lemon Head
coming soon
Vanilla Sour Cherry Sour Cherry
Chocolate Brownie Popcorn Chocolate Brownie Sour Apple Sour Apple
coming soon
Salt & Vinegar Red Hot Red Hot
coming soon
Dill Pickle Bubble Gum Popcorn Bubble Gum
coming soon
coming soon
coming soon
Sour Cream & Onion
coming soon
Bacon Cheddar
Birthday Cake Popcorn Birthday Cake
coming soon
Chipotle Cheddar